January in Berlin. Nobility Of Salt begin to record the first tracks for their next EP. The planned four songs have a very romantic and atmospheric character. The first recorded track is called “Die Hüter der Bibliotheken”.
But actually because of different budget problems this record has an uncertain release date. However, Nobility Of Salt will try to release the EP at the end of this year. Between recordings and the writing of new material, the band plays different gigs and appears at the german festival Fete De La Musique in Berlin to try some new songs live.
An other interesting moment is the gig at the Gladhouse together with german cult band Die Art, who is touring the last time before the band becomes history.

We have reached April and the four track EP has been released now. The MCD is called “The Silent Ship EP” and will be certainly the final of Nobility Of Salt’s romantic phase. The EP receives great reviews in german magazines, describing the music as “a great leap forward”, “soundtrack for dreams” or “a ride on waves of melody”. This year, Nobility Of Salt as live act, are very rare to see, because the band plays just a small number of gigs. The first is in May on the “Avalon Festival”at the K 17 in Berlin. After that Nobility Of Salt play two further gigs supporting the american group Crüxshadows on their Germany tour in Wiesbaden and Berlin. More gigs are impossible, because since March the band is working on new material and currently involved with the whole recording process for their next album.
In the month of June Nobility Of Salt sign to the german distributor SX Distribution. Happily the band is able to confirm their records are up for sale world-wide now – in every good shop of your choice! This is a very important moment for Nobility Of Salt, because in the past it was sometimes really hard to buy Nobility Of Salt records, especially in foreign countries. The good effects among other great things are playlists from radio stations in New York and Chicago - unbelievable !