Saline Grace, the new side-project of Nobility Of Salt’s composer and poet Ricardo Hoffmann is currently working on an album which will be released at the beginning of next year. Ricardo’s long-term bass player and companion through life, Ines Pollok, has recently announced that she will support Saline Grace on bass. Due to the strong song writing, the poetry’s deeper waters, the amazing warmth and urgency of Ricardo’s low voice she couldn’t resist. Strongly influenced by the works of Dostoevsky, Kafka and Bukowski, Ricardo has written poems and tales about the wretched and the moments where we meet the blackest depths of our human soul, such as in “Theresa The Sinking”, “Stream” and “Last Day Of September”.
Ricardo’s well known and extraordinary guitar expresses together with an old organ and embedded in an atmospheric and heavy piano the craving for mercy and deliverance we will never reach on our rudderless raft, floating on a raging stream. Indeed, embracing Saline Grace’s first album the listener will need the power to think about the pure sadness and the miserable endeavours of our human existence. Besides, there are some Nobility-Of-Salt-news. In June Nobility Of Salt have changed to the German label Radar Music. For more information visit the Radar Music Hompage through www.radar-music.cms-domain.de .

And again it is January and we all have to manage a new year, while Ricardo Hoffmann is staring on a mountain of 18 songs.
For the very first time he has begun with the work on a solo-album.
His new songs are very lyrically emphasized, what means that Ricardo has been compelled to write the compositions in a method he never used before. In other words, the songs have been written by the strong hand of the lyrics.
Furthermore, Nobility Of Salt are glad about to confirm that they have been interviewed by the German Scryptura Sonitra magazine at the end of January. Please visit our media section and use the link for reading.