The Devil’s Dealer
(Ricardo Hoffmann)

Shimmering highways in a rainy,
wet sunlight
Strange and lonely in the eyes of
the day
The rain presses the dust to the ground
And the dust has not the strength
to dance
While invisible, observant reptiles move
From one vegetation to the next

And I see a ghostly, white sedan
Strange and frightful doing an old job
In search for the senselessness of life
A killer, who kills existence
with pleasure
The unknown driver, who takes
the empty
Hearts of those morbid, human souls

The day fades away into the
spheres of the evening
And the profit was rich as every day
This is a cruel and worthwhile business
While the thirsty ground swallows
the rain
And the strength of the dust
follows dancing
The unknown businessman like
protective mercenaries

There are lost hearts in
A white cram-full sedan
And an unknown businessman
Rides through the desert
He’s the devil’s middleman
Who makes demands on
The breath of lie