“Marble Moon” ( No.18 / 2003 )

„The Tremulous Sea“

A unique and mysterious story, the story of the German band Nobility Of Salt. I remember them because a few years ago I listened to one of those tapes with a Spartan cover but valuable, expressive contents. Apart from that, I was moved by the fact that the band did not play in their own country; musical emigrants, who, to find happiness, went into the mother country of the sounds with which they have worked themselves since the Dark Wave period, just like Hope and Anchor, Rockgarden, The Garage (to name only the most famous ) between 1998 and 1999; and then the sudden return home. From 2000 to the present Nobility Of Salt have played exclusively in Germany, with support from Paul J. Berry (Rose of Avalanche) and Untoten, but also on the 9th edition of the Leipzig Wave Gothic meeting. Today, the band has arrived at a significant point in its career, because an official collaboration with a German label is announced exactly after this CD-R. Let us examine this wonderfully romantic music, which breaks the bounds of what is normal, full of tragic tenderness, which moves our souls and brings William Blake to mind. Compositions like visionary and romantic paintings of hidden landscapes; dreams, visions beyond reality; poetical and hypnotic lyrics (I’m a wayfarer .......the lament of night ). Where we find poetry melancholy is not far, whose incontestable masters are “And Also The Trees”, the group that influenced the Germans most; melancholic is Rene’s voice, which wanders at twilight over green fields between gradually forming clouds, melancholic are Ricardo’s elegiac guitars.

Melancholy regards
Nobility Of Salt
Davide Morgera

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Nobility Of Salt: „The Tremulous Sea“

Being a dedicated And Also The Trees-fan myself I noticed their decline during the years, most of the fans were complaining that they were distracting themselves from the old sound that made them immortal but for those (...and I guess there must still be a large public for it) who like to hear such romantic wavepop there is good news as already from the opening seconds I knew it, Nobility Of Salt is the kind of band that throughout adoration for And Also The Trees became a band and the result presented on this debutalbum is breathtaking! This German trio are a sort of romantic masochists as the whole cd is a glorification for sadness, not only is the voice from Rene’ Hoffmann at the edge of the extreme (a sort of Morrissey meets Ian Curtis) but lots of instrumentation underline the tragic atmosphere in here. As said there are the typical And Also The Trees, a sort of dark pop a la Element Of Crime but lots of instruments (mandolins, harps, accordion-keyboards) that give the cd a sort of gypsy-character... just like you are sailing on some lonesome boat on an ocean in where solitude is the only friend you have. “The Tremulous Sea” is without any doubts one of the strongest popwaverecords I ever reviewed! Sublime!

L’ Etoile Noire (No. 41/ April 2001)

Nobility Of Salt: „The Tremulous Sea“ (Amöbenklang)

Layout and atmosphere bring back memories of And Also The Trees. The escape from the modern world into english woods and to the autumnal sea. Nobility Of Salt resided three years on the british isle and played some gigs in clubs of the capital. Now back on the Continent they produced a first CD. Ten romantic songs, performed with experience and excellent to have a doze on a day like this ( cold, wet, wind, March – autumn ). Melancholic Amöbenklänge.

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Ricardo Hoffmann

Orkus (No. 3/ March 2001)

Nobility Of Salt: „The Tremulous Sea“ (Amöbenklang)

Even two years ago I got the pleasure to hold a product of the german romantic wave-band Nobility Of Salt in my hands. That time it was even the low budget-demo-tape “Through Clouds And Thoughtful years”. Actually the only fault I found with was just the quality of production. Now eventually they introduce the debut CD “The Tremulous Sea” – in brilliant quality. Now I have no complaints. Nobility Of Salt play exactly the kind of romantic wave I love the most. Very strong influenced by groups like And Also The Trees is the music orientated exactly on this band, but is able to get off from the model to create something own. Unfortunately I’m afraid that Nobility Of Salt is a band, who is threatened to go under. Because they play very heavy music, which is anything but catchy and where you first have to put yourself into it. The song structures are very complex, marked by permanent tempo changes and wanted dissonant notes. But the outstanding element is and remains the brilliant, in kind of a mandolin played guitar. It’s enough to melt away! ( 9 )
Stefan Walther

translation by
Ricardo Hoffmann

ZILLO (No. 3 / March 2001)

Nobility Of Salt: „The Tremulous Sea“ (N.O.S. / Amöbenklang)

The Berlin wave – trio Nobility Of Salt bring back memories of old school heroes like And Also The Trees and The Essence, who ( even a lot of years ago ) became cult status with their gruesomely beautiful and melancholic compositions. All ten tracks of the debut album “The Tremulous Sea” are in the low – and mid tempo area, what inevitably leads to more intensive listening to the compositions. Significantly for a debut – CD. The successful artwork emphasizes positively the overall impression! Contact: www.nobilityofsalt.de
Thomas Thyssen

translation by
Ricardo Hoffmann

TranceForM (No. 2 / March 2001)

Nobility Of Salt: „The Tremulous Sea“ CD (Amöbenklang)

I open the wrapping and during my contemplation of the CD I remember vaguely an inconspicuous tape that I received on my table some time ago. Remarkable, but not very approachable. From that a feeling of sympathy and compassion comes along in my mind immediately. The opening instrumental manifests the certainty to hold a jewel in my hands, something of fragility, a product of an absolutely unconventional work by a group of hopelessly idealistic musicians. The intention is noble, but in a demanding implementation. Nobility Of Salt act in a quiet manner but firm. The mandolinblinking guitar is the principal stylistic device, the voice is unusual and all together a blend of different atmospheres. Gloomy romantic that is sold as gothic today is just the unintentional frame. So therefore exists even a melancholic feeling beyond postcard sunset and the whine for lost love. I remember Element Of Crime, Fates Warning or my heroes Sieges Even – and I don’t know why. At the end I kept the inevitable impulse to start from the beginning and I pressed REPEAT ALL. This is two days ago now and slowly I understand. Every day opens up a new and little world and the question mark, which moves over my head goes pale again.

Thomas Manegold

translation by
Ricardo Hoffmann