Orkus (No. 10 / October 2002)

Nobility Of Salt: „The Silent Ship EP“ MCD (Amöbenklang)

It is still existent, this kind of melancholic, sad and dreamy music. Guitars performed as a mandolin, playfully moved in trance on waves of melody, discreetly supported by keyboard sounds. Basslines that characterzise the melodies and accompany the original drums or drum machine. From this simplicity or rather minimalism the compositions take their variety and strength. This kind of music was originally invented, shaped and celebrated by the legendary And Also The Trees. The german trio Nobility Of Salt showed already on their demo-tape “Through Clouds And Thoughtful Years” in 1999 as well as in the beginning of 2000 on their debut album “The Tremulous Sea” that they are able to transfer the atmosphere into their work and that they can make it to their “own”. “The Silent Ship EP” goes on in this way consistently, is even a bit better produced and shows more experience in songwriting. These four songs open up tonal dream worlds, which invite to lose yourself in them, for a ride on waves of melody – “ soundtrack for dreams” ... Nobility Of Salt make special music, but unfortunately the past showed that this music is apparently able to appeal to much too few people only. What a pity ...

Stefan Walther

translation by
Ricardo Hoffmann

Zillo (No. 9 / September 2002)

Nobility Of Salt: „The Silent Ship EP“
(www.nobilityofsalt.de /Amöbenklang)

The Berlin wave – trio Nobility Of Salt have done a great leap forward with their new “The Silent Ship EP”. The opening track “Die Hüter der Bibliotheken” is a gruesomely beautiful instrumental song in the best And-Also-The-Trees-style. Wonderful dreamy guitars meet with harmonious rhythm and warm keyboards. Also the other three songs peer in the direction of the british isle, although in my opinion the biggest weak point of Nobility Of Salt is still the very unusual voice. The artwork of this fine little record succeeded extraordinarily well and catches marvellously the atmosphere of the music in pictures. In spite of all criticism, you should keep an eye on Nobility Of Salt.

Thomas Thyssen

translation by
Ricardo Hoffmann