At the beginning of February the band is working together with Timour Klouche in his mastering studio “Nepenthes Music” on the final mix of the new record and there are real chances to see a release near April.

“Those Narrow Streets” – The New Album Release

Nobility Of Salt are releasing their new album with the title “Those Narrow Streets” on the 26th April 2004. The fifteen tracks on this album are described as a cinematic soundscape of biting tremolo guitars, surrounded by a plaintive, indeed distant balalaika, showing magnificently the fundamental poetry to advantage. Or as the band itself says: “...to find the spirit of composers like Ennio Morricone and John Barry moving over desert graves...” Nobility Of Salt play the first gig after the album release at the ACUD CAFE in Berlin on the 15th May 2004. Immersing into the well played songs the audience creates together with the band an amazing and magnificent atmosphere of unbelievable depth. In these days some release parties are also being held through different clubs. For more details about gigs and release parties check back in the Tour Dates section.
In the media “Those Narrow Streets” receives a great welcome and in magazines such as Orkus or Zillo the album is magnificently acclaimed. In summer the German Blacklight magazine interviews Nobility Of Salt with well chosen questions. It is possible to read the interview in the Media section. Later in 2004 Ricardo is currently working on new material.
Whilst writing arrangements for the brand-new songs on the piano, he is also selecting demos which have already been recorded. Nobility Of Salt are certainly approaching a new period in their story.

The wintry month of December in 2002 turned into a wet and dirty January of a new year. And Nobility Of Salt are very engrossed in the arrangements and recordings for their new album. Fortunately the band is now mid-way through this long process, while the initial vision becomes clearer and is getting a gigantic face now.
The typical Nobility-Of-Salt-sound is embeded in antiques like organ, banjo, honky-tonk piano, marimba and accordion, while piercing tremolo-guitars are surrounded by a mournful balalaika - far away in the distance. A lot of people in the past said the music of Nobility Of Salt would be film music.
And the music turned more and more in this. Nobility Of Salt have recorded many instrumental themes with variations, but also the strong poetry is still existent. The music has changed the place and the era to find the spirit of composers like Ennio Morricone and John Barry moving over desert graves ...
Nobility Of Salt cannot raise hopes that the record will be released this year, because they’re still involved in recording and mixing. After that the whole business problems will certainly prolong the release. But it is sure that the album will be distributed world-wide by SX Distribution.
On the 30th of August the band plays at the ACUD CAFE in Berlin, trying some of the newly recorded songs like “A Last Summerstorm”, “Sea Breeze” or “Highway Rain”, whilst having a remarkable audience, making the gig to one of those magnificent evenings the band will never forget.
In the middle of October the long recording process is finally finished and Nobility Of Salt are on the point of working out the cover conception, while Ricardo is involved in recordings of demos as well; all of those songs, which have been written during the progress of the new album. Also he is writing new material again – probably for a further album in the future.