1994/ 1995

In the beginning was a song called “The Evening Prayer” in a small town with the name Frankfurt ( Oder ). And a friendship between a guitarist and a bass player, with drunken nights and melancholic musical sessions. There were unseen secret poems, written by a young and serious man, who tried to connect his elegiac guitar melodies with all the for him important words. And also a strange idea filled the naive heads of these two young men - the
try to start their musical journey in London, one of the hardest places in the music world. And the stupid idea was: a beautiful melody is all you need.

In spring the band has a new line up. A young girl is fascinated by the atmosphere in
all the now recorded compositions and she gets in touch with her bass and guitar in songs and band. Also a singer with an impressive feeling for the longing poems and a tremulous voice becomes now a member in the growing group. With their rare characters, they give more
fulfilment to the songwriter’s soul