The band plays still memorable gigs. But different interests by record companies come to nothing. Because too many of them are bankrupt or anxious about the risks of music, which is not commercial enough for the music world today in the 90’s. In February the german magazine “Orkus” writes a lovely review about the new Demotape “Through Clouds And Thoughtful Years” and the band receives some letters from Germany and Belgium by people, who are interested in this kind of music. Also the “Melody Maker” writes a good review and the band receives nice words from the italian press. However, a new decision fills the dreamy soul of Nobility Of Salt, while the words of a new composition roam through their mind:
“I’m a wayfarer
Without beginning
Trail or destination
And a suitcase filled with burdens
The yearning, today’s morning dew
My desire
The lament of night ...”

And the band is ready to go again. The planned month is December ’99 - back to Germany, to work on first and selfproduced album in Berlin.

February in Berlin. Nobility Of Salt begin to work on their album “The Tremulous Sea” produced by Ricardo Hoffmann. The planned release date is the late autumn 2000.
In May the german record label Amöbenklang offers Nobility Of Salt the distribution of their album, while the owner Holger “Alge” Roloff criticizes the music of Nobility Of Salt as “out of the ordinary, dreamy and beautiful”. In June the band plays on the 9. Wave & Gotiktreffen
festival in Leipzig (Moritzbastei) and on the 29th of November as support of Untoten in Ulm (Cat Cafe), followed by a gig in Berlin (K17) on the 3rd of December as opening act for Paul James Berry (The Rose Of Avalanche).
Two weeks later the album release is done.